Följande är ett utdrag ur artikel och är av visst intresse för pekingesen. Den är skriven av mr Steve Dean, veterinär och f.d. ordförande i ”the Kennel Club”

Ur Our Dogs January 4th 2019

Steve Dean wrote;
”When it comes to solving problems, it is always important to focus on what it is we really want to achieve and not get sidetracked by attractive diversions.

When striving for good health and welfare discussions often get bogged down in arguments about overly simplistic solutions and the original ambition is lost in a fog of impractical suggestions.

Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Symdrome (BOAS)

Short faced dogs are a good example. The issue is, can a brachycephalic dog be bred so that it can breathe normally?

The answer is yes, the evidence exists,
for some brachycephalic dogs breathe very well. The majority of Pekes (maybe surprisingly) seem to breathe well, the Affenpinscher does too.

Some excellent clinical research at Cambridge is also revealing Pugs, Bulldoggs and Frenchies that can breathe normally too (Ref https://www.vet.cam.ac.uk/boas).

Take a look at their website and consider how this research is identifying the problem and their focus upon why dogs cannot breathe.
There are no blanket suggestions advising the breed standard should be changed and no extremist views, such as, we should ban the breeding of brachycephalic dogs.

Why is this work so exciting? Well it is looking for real solutions, to real problems and trying to improve surgical interventions to help affected dogs breathe and ultimately to help breeders select dogs that have the right conformation and thus hopefully breed healthier brachycephalics.”

I Svensk Veterinärtidning nr 2/2018 redovisas resultatet av en studie där man undersökt förekomsten av operationer relaterade till andningsbesvär hos hundar.
Enligt denna studie har inte en enda pekingese opererats på grund av andningsbesvär.
Detta stämmer väl med den undersökning om eventuella andningsbesvär hos pekingese som Pekingese-Logen har gjort.
Enligt Pekingese-Logens undersökning hade inga av hundarna i undersökningen opererats för andningsbesvär och ingen hade av veterinär diagnostiserats med BOAS-relaterade besvär.